26 February 2015

The dangerously peculiar case of Litvinenko

A question; If Litvinenko knew Putin wanted him dead and there was a State sanctioned hit out on his life from Moscow then what was he doing meeting 2 Russian agents in London for?

A bit silly don't you think?

Not only this, but we now know, 2 Russians carrying Polonium 210 which is one of the most dangerous substances known to man and is also a major component for Nuclear weapons.

If the murder of Litvinenko was the only objective then they definitely would not have murdered him with Polonium 210 and cause a massive diplomatic incident in my opinion. Unless Putin wanted to carry out an act of Nuclear terrorism in London and cause a diplomatic incident?  That would mean there was another reason Russian agents were running around London with Polonium 210 with one of them ending up dead.

A simple conclusion would be, other than the targetted murder hypothesis, is that it was somehow a secret deal in Nuclear material gone wrong possibly with a witness murdered, and potentially an unknown 3rd party as yet unidentified who bought the substance if you go with the deal gone wrong hypothesis.  This holds up knowing that the known 3 people involved are/were KGB/FSB agents and the Nuclear material in question could only come from a Nuclear State. Just the type of people who would be dealing in such a substance with a terrorist group via a 3rd party especially if the group have hold of some of the old Soviet Unions suitcase Nukes that went missing after the fall of the Union and smuggled into Britain or ones already planted here during the last Cold War.

Nuclear terrorism...

Litvinenko did confess his moslem faith on his death bed after all and was buried a moslem loyal to Chechnya.

Who knows (MI5) but worse case scenario is that there is a terrorist group out there now who have a small Nuclear device primed for such a time to detonate.  We know there are plenty of Islamic terrorist groups out there operating with impunity in Britain in collaboration with elements of rouge MI5/MI6 agents who are wanting/planning to carry out such an act against British society so that is not a far fetched idea other than the denial that there are rogue MI5/MI6 agents operating in Britain who would do such a thing.

Best case scenario is that it was an isolated targeted murder but would a bullet or less high profile poison not have been a better quieter option for Putin?

Lets hope and pray a small Nuclear device does not go off some time soon or later because if it does we are all potentially in the firing line because its a bit different from a 7/7 or Drummer Rigby attack.

We trust MI5/MI6 to protect us from such threats but all I can see is elements of these agencies working alongside Islamic terrorists against us so don't hold your breath in them stopping such an attack unless something drastic happens from within those agencies very soon and things change.

Change is exactly that, change...

Who watches the 'watchmen'?

If your intelligence gathering is compromised then the enemy knows exactly everything they need to know for whatever their strategic objectives are.   Look at the case of Kim Philby in our not too distant past as a prime example.

The UK is completely compromised on every level and no longer has credible National Security.

Wait and see when the next attack happens and just like with all other attacks and with the case of 'Jihadi John' MI5/MI6 fingerprints will be all over it.

MI5/MI6 from what I can see no longer works in the interests of Britain's National Security.

All it takes is one or two bad apples and all intelligence is open to whoever wants it. Like with the case of Rifkind who was over-seeing British intelligence caught selling his soul for money to a completely bogus Chinese company.  He even tried unsuccessfully to talk his way out of the situation rather than admitting his error of judgement and standing down from his highly important role.  That is called contempt and is the attitude much of the political class have for society in general.

The only question that lingers is; if he was so blatant with his thirst for money in the instance caught on camera then God only knows what has gone on behind people's backs not on camera with a much higher price tag on offer.

The political class protect their own though so they just stick their heads back in the sand and ignore the real implications of Rifkind's treachery because it does not directly affect their lives.  "He's a good ol'boy easy mistake" even though he sits over-seeing British intelligence and used his 'security' profile to boost his credentials for the money being offered which included his boast of sitting on a committee for Britain's Nuclear deterrent.

May God help the future of this Country...

'Jihadi John' named